Leesa Dean: Levitation Trick


Adventures in Digital Series Land #99
by Leesa Dean

The past two weeks have been intense–writing, writing, writing and more writing. I’m a few days away from finally starting production and I. Am. PSYCHED! I completed 20 episodes of the new series, the trailer, plus an additional 30 episodes of a tiny mini-series I’m launching around the same time.  Not to mention working on a new 30 minute pilot/series and short. Now, I just have to animate them all. And once that’s done, the hard part starts: promo.

I’m hoping I can finish animating everything related to the new show in a couple of months. It’s not heavy-duty animation (otherwise it might take me till infinity to finish!) And before I launch, I’m planning on starting up new social media accounts that are related to the new show–Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Just keeping up with social media will be insane so I’m not starting ’til all the animation’s in the can.

Meanwhile, on top of everything I’m researching and starting to design the website relaunch. Luckily, I have a friend who recently launched a site for her business. She hired someone to design hers and there have been a lot of issues with it. I stopped by her place for a couple of hours and looked through it and gave her some small suggestions.  While I’m not a big coding pro, I’m installing a WordPress theme myself for the first time and learning as much as I can about it and found that helping her, even in the minor way I did, was incredibly helpful to me cause I started to see my own project through someone else’s eyes.  And that reminded me of something a businessman told me when I was starting out: The Levitation Trick.

He said the best way to really get a handle on your business was to mentally levitate 1,000 feet up and look at your work from that perspective. It helps you to start seeing what you’re doing from an outsider’s view vs. your own limited one.

I have found that to be invaluable as a writer. Especially, working solo when the only time you really authentically get to see your project through someone else’s eyes is when it’s done and you show it to them.  If you can train yourself to do that and just…detach. Force yourself to look at your work through an imagined stranger’s eyes. It might make you see some serious flaws in your work and give you the perspective to fix them.  I know it’s done that for me.

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