Leesa Dean: Adventures of a Web Series Newbie

Chapter 77 – A Guide To Waiting
by Leesa Dean

waiting-room-signBeen working like a psycho putting in 12-15 hour days prepping a teeny tiny sizzle reel for a seriously long shot meeting I finally had this week.  What are the chances of anything happening with this?  Probably non-existent. So why’d I put all this work into something that most likely won’t materialize?  Cause one, it’s still a shot, two, if it doesn’t work out I can still use it and three, hey, I created a new show idea and really love it.

So while I await my fate (and plunge back into my usually scheduled work), here are some tips I’ve figured out to help get through the sheer hellish agony of awaiting your fate after an all-important meeting.  These not only apply to pitching tv writing/shows, but really, any type of job interview:

1) Stock up on sugar.  Yeah, you’ll be hyped up and, probably, destroying your body and teeth, but now is not the time to worry about minor stuff like that. The big picture: sugar’ll make you feel GREAT! plus it’s, generally, a better choice than substances that might be considered, say, a federal offense in some places.

2) Pace back and forth. You’ll drive your downstairs neighbors nuts if you, like I do, reside in an apartment building but look at it this way:  pacing not only relieves you of stress but can always be considered your cardio for the day (bonus!)

3) Drive your friends and relatives insane by endlessly going over every single moment of the meeting and obsessing over the details.  On the negative side, after a few days, nobody’s gonna speak with you for a really long time. On the positive side, you can put your new found isolation to work and start writing some new projects.

4)Cultivate the fine art of systematically destroying your brain by using the time-honored avoidance technique known as: staying on the internet and reading gossip, inspirational quotes and meaningless personal over sharing.  Sadly, there really is no upside to this.

5) Most importantly, throw yourself into other projects and keep writing. New projects.  Old projects.  Tons of projects.  The more you have going on, the less the potentially wretched pain of rejection will hurt.  It’ll just be one project and you’ll have many others to obsess about.

6) Go back to 1 and repeat.

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