LB’s Master Class Alum Kelly Jo Brick’s New Film Is Out

It’s called PAUSE, and it isn’t your average break-out production. It’s part of The Pause Project, a Wisconsin Rotary Club’s endeavor to drive home the very worthwhile theme that:

“…If a person paused for only a moment before making a decision to realize that there are real-life, permanent consequences to the decisions that you make and the actions that you take.”

Kelly Jo’s film shows the consequences of a drunk-driving accident to everyone involved, from the driver and the victims to their families and friends, to the EMTs and other medical personnel, and to the community as a whole. The film and its “project use kit” are available to schools and civic groups for use “as a standalone movie or as a supplement to a live mock crash.”

We realize that this isn’t a major feature film or an episode of GAME OF THRONES, but it’s about something much more important and worthwhile than mere entertainment, and we here at TVWriter™ applaud Kelly not only for doing such a good job but also for getting involved.

While we’re applauding, we have to point out one cause for disapproval. The trailer above gives producer, “co-creator,” and director credits but never mentions the existence of a writer. Neither did the Pause Project YouTube site. Nor the Pause Project website.  The only place we saw Kelly Jo’s name was in a  news article by Martha Boehm on the website of La Crosse, Wisconsin TV station WKBT. Nice going, Martha!

Congrats, Kelly Jo. Take a bow!