LB’s Current TV Fave

People are always asking our Beloved Leader, LB, what his favorite TV show is, and he always responds by getting all pissed off and grumbling or ranting about how “creativity shouldn’t be a competition!” and other Brando-esque phrases.

Not one to be so easily put off, this TVWriter™ minion did some nosing around and went to the Information Fountain of All Things Larry Brody, his awe-inspiring wife, Gwen the Beautiful. Here’s what we wheedled out of Ms. the B:

Larry won’t tell you his favorite show? Hmm. Well, maybe he’s a little embarrassed, or feels like he’s betraying his status as a writerly icon. Because the one show we watch together and never miss isn’t even scripted. It’s a UK chat show that’s been on BBC forever. It’s always funny, always interesting, moreso when an American actor who’s never seen it is on and suddenly realizes that not only is it perfectly fine to get drunk on the show, it’s even more perfect when she or he says absolutely anything and everything they can never, ever say on U.S. TV.

In other words, as the meme at the top of this post (created by, yeppers, LB) gives away, the head honcho of TVWriter™ is addicted to The Graham Norton Show. Particularly to this one special segment of one special episode a few seasons back:

The whole episode is available on Youtube, of course, starting HERE

Whaddaya think? Is LB betraying TV writers by lurve, lurve, lurving this? Let us know.