LB: The Unfulfilled Potential of Video Games

Yes, it’s true. Diablo I is still LB’s absolutely favorite video game. What’s yours?

by Larry Brody

Here at TVWriter™ we haven’t had much to say about video games other than we like ’em. To be a bit more precise, I’ll sum up my feelings about video games and, especially, the writing that goes into them as best I can:

I approach video games the way I do TV shows or books. I’m into them for their world building, storytelling, and characterization. Which means that I end up obsessing on the whole ‘winning’ thing, because if I can’t make it through to the end of the last level it means I’ll finish the ‘book.’

All too often, even the most highly recommended video games fail to be worth all the OCD they demand. Mostly because they rely too much on the act of killing…and dying.

Which is why I found the approach toward games in the following video so, well, let’s say “persuasive.”

This video, which I wish I’d made but – alas! – didn’t, is from Pop Culture Detective, a YouTube channel we highly recommend you VISIT