LB: Stop the Presses! Part 2

I’d rather hear Dave Chappelle tell us his truth than Ted Sarandos defend it as THE truth because if nothing else, Chappelle is at least funny.

by Larry Brody

Restarting my press. This time around I’m not nearly as thoughtful or emotional as in the previous post.

Just disgusted.

By a headline I just saw on

Netflix Chief Again Defends Chappelle Special: ‘Content Doesn’t Directly Translate to Real-World Harm’

There it is.

In speaking of Dave Chappelle’s tasteless insults about trans people, Ted Sarandos, the current B-movie king of the USA, who is currently making a mighty fine living by bankrolling and/or otherwise taking credit (and making cash) via plastering Netflix with the crappiest movies (and, to me, kids’ shows) in the history of New Media, claims that:

…what we watch and of course hear doesn’t have any direct effect on our behavior.

Tell it to the Facebook researchers and whistleblower, Teddy.

And to all the advertisers who’ve been using TV and other media to influence audiences worldwide since the birth of commercial radio in 1920.

Including your own staff of buyers and developers and in-house advertising.

Most importantly, tell it to the international culture that’s been torn apart by the deliberate lies extant in current political, scientific, medical, you-name-it “content” exhibited the instant we access any of our exciting new technological communication tools.

Oh, and our old ones too.

It’s a whole new world, gang. Just like the old world, and it should be under our suspicion, as Pete Townsend might say and I’m pretty sure meant way back in The Who’s Quadrophenia days.

And now, back to my sickbed. And my wait for G-the-B’s and my COVID test results.





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Author: LB

A legendary figure in the television writing and production world with a career going back to the late ’60s, Larry Brody has written and produced hundreds of hours of American and worldwide television and is a consultant to production companies and networks in the U.S. and abroad . Shows written or produced by Brody have won several awards including - yes, it's true - Emmys, Writers Guild Awards, and the Humanitas Award.

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