LB: IATSE Negotiations with AMPT Settled!

by Larry Brody

…And it looks like the kind of deal that bodes well for other guilds in the future.

Not that it’s completely settled yet. As IndieWire.Com’s Chris O’Falt points out,

Negotiations still continue over the Area Standards Agreement, governing production in major production hubs like New Mexico, Georgia, and Louisiana.

And Twitter is ablaze with more disgruntlement than I expected.

(Can anything be ablaze with disgruntlement? Hmm…)

Bottom line: The deal still has to be approved by a vote, but for now the threat of a strike messing up everyone’s production and TV and film viewing schedules is over.

The IATSE members here are on the left. This is what they do. They actually make the films we love.

Deadline.Com has excellent coverage HERE

LATimes.Com’s well named “Company Town” section brings us the story HERE

A personal aside:

Another reason I’m glad to hear tensions have eased somewhat is that I’d almost forgotten what getting good news feels like. As my former agent used to say (including once while driving past a group of strikers picketing Hollywood Park racetrack while on the way to his reserved parking place there, “Ain’t life grand?”)

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