LB: More Interweb Stuff I’m Lovin’ On


by Larry Brody

The Comics Curmudgeon

A clever guy named Josh, who lives in L.A. trying to establish himself as a stand-up, has a very successful blog in which he comments on the day’s comic strips. I really enjoyed this one the other day:


I mean, what’s not to like about a guy spotting cocaine use by Margo McGee?

Television Business International

For me, this article is about one of the greatest names in showbiz:


Yeah, I’m talking about you, Jean Featherstone.

Television Business International strikes again

Without a doubt, the best new series concept and name evah:


Something tells me that our pal (and – gulp – editor) munchman is going to do his best to get on the staff of this show. (Or maybe even become a regular because here’s a little secret about our favorite idiot savant: He’s really an actor. Honest. I swear. He was even a regular on a recently cancelled sitcom. (No, don’t ask anything further. My lips are sealed. El munchero’s secrets are safe with The Brode. Sort of.)

More to come. (Yeah, that’s a warning.)