Streaming could replace TV viewing, study finds

To which we wild and zany minions of TVWriter™ can only add, “Doh!”

They needed a study to figure out this?


by Jesse Whittoc

TV viewing is in danger of being replaced by streaming services as the primary platform of long-form programming watching among Millennial audiences, according to new research.

Preliminary results from NATPE Content First and the Consumer Electronics Association’s joint research study shows just 55% of Millennials aged between 13 and 34 consider TV as their primary viewing platform. In its place, streaming devices are set to dominate their preferences.

Eighty-four per cent of Millennials surveyed by E-Poll Mark Research said they had consumed full-length streamed video in the past six months, compared with just 54% that had watched live programming at its original air time and 33% that watch recorded content via DVR.

Other findings showed Millennials valued their Netflix subscriptions more than broadcast and cable channels, with 51% saying the streaming service was “very valuable” compared with 42% for broadcast channels and 36% for cable subscriptions.

Half said they watch TV shows on laptops, with 19% saying this was their preferred viewing platform. Twenty-eight per cent consume long-form video on tablets and 22% on smartphones.

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