Jason Blum’s Secret for Making Great Horror Films: Hire TV People

It’s official. TV writers, actors, etc. etc. etc. are the best. Just ask Sharp Objects’ Jason Blum:

by Ben Travers

Jason Blum made his name in the movies, but he loves television. The Blumhouse founder loves television so much, he wishes he could be a showrunner.

“My wife is a writer, and I always say the one thing that I would aspire to more than anything else is the job of a showrunner,” Blum said in an interview with IndieWire. “The single most interesting job to me in Hollywood is a showrunner. The idea of creating a world, getting to see the world live and breath over multiple years — if you’re good at it — is fascinating.”

This admiration, in part, is why Blum respects television enough to know what separates it from film.

“It is different,” Blum said, ticking off divergent examples like TV’s “rhythm” (“It doesn’t matter if it’s 50 minutes or an hour or 47 minutes or whatever it is — there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end”), or how its time restrictions are really creative gifts in disguise (“parameters create better storytelling”), or even just the shooting style: “[TV] is shot different — you gotta have more close-ups. It’s a different art form, and you have to embrace that.”

One would think Blum is taking what he learned from the film world and applying it to the small screen, but the Emmy-winning producer of “The Jinx” doesn’t believe in a 1:1 comparison between mediums, such as the oft-used adage that “TV shows are just 10-hour movies.”

“I bristle at the notion of making [a 10-hour movie]. A 10-hour movie sounds so boring to me. But a 10-hour series, I’ve watched many of them and been riveted by them. I don’t think it works to just think of it as a long movie,” he said.

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Blum is embracing it in a big way. The “Get Out” and “Paranormal Activity” producer upended the indie horror world with low-budget movies that rake in megabucks at the box office, and is now getting serious about television. He’s got a TV adaptation of “The Purge” hitting USA Network in September, the Hulu anthology series “Into the Dark” in October, and his years-in-the-works limited series “Sharp Objects” premieres July 8 — the same weekend the latest iteration of “The Purge” franchise, “The First Purge,” hits theaters.