It’s Quentin Tarantino Week at TVWriter™ Part 4

Not Mr. Tarantino hisself but a very close up and personal friend

Previously on TVWriter™’s Quentin Tarantino week

Previously but not as previously as the above previous video

Previously as in yesterday for Quentin baby’s week

Today’s our last video honoring Harvey Weinstein’s bud, QT. Not an interview but an actual sample of one of his least known works…and unusual in that it was suitable for TV:

NOTE FROM LB: Hold on, gang. I think we’ve got a problem here. Have you checked out this clip at Snopes?

MINION’S NOTE: What? Whatchatalkin’about? Oh…oh…oh crap, boss. That wasn’t really written by Our Hero, was it?

ANOTHEr MINION NOTE: Sorry, folks, looks like we got snookered. Not Snopes but IMDB, the Universe’s Highest Authority On Things That Matter to TVWriter™ And Our Visitors says the writer of this episode wasn’t His Sacred Highness QT but Travis Bowe, one of Seth MacFarlane’s ultra-talented go-to writers. But, hey, he really nailed that Tarantino magic, yeah? Nice goin’ Travis!

Hmm, who should we here at TVWriter™ honor next? Suggestions anyone?