Introducing Stareable’s new podcast: ‘Forget The Box!’

Exciting email from Stareable, the site this particular TVWriter™ minion considers the absolute last word about web series here on the, erm, web, about their new podcast. (And the first few episodes already are online.

Here’s the downlow:

In case you hadn’t heard, Stareable has a podcast now! Forget The Box, hosted by Stareable’s Community Director Bri Castellini (me!), aims to be the ultimate indie TV podcast, and…[y]ou can listen to all episodes in full here, with new ones going up every Tuesday!
We hope you enjoy the episode! And to sweeten the pot for you AND your communities, we’re doing a giveaway! Anyone who reviews the podcast on iTunes and sends a screenshot will be entered to win prizes such as a free ticket to Stareable Fest, a free Forget The Box teeshirt, or a $250 Amazon gift card!

See? Prizes. We toldja it was exciting. And the podcast seems pretty damn informative too.

Tell ’em TVWriter™ sentcha. (Yeah, they most likely won’t ask, but we like to be prepared for every contingency.

Keep the faith!