Indie Video Makers – Have You Discovered ‘New Form?’

New Form is a digital studio/production company that modestly says about itself that it “creates entertainment for the digital generation. We develop, produce and distribute original scripted series created by some of the best storytellers from around the world for an online audience.”

And, yes, New Form does in fact do that. But the way it does, oh, man, that’s something else. See, they give new creators money, but instead of taking over the creative process as a result, New Form actually sits back and ever-so-gracefully enhances it.

Here’s an example of the kind of gold their “Inclubator” series for new talent has discovered and brought out to the world:

And another one:

Whether you’re a fan who wants to be entertained and inspired by New Form’s latest production or an aspiring film maker looking for that last push you need to make your masterpiece, it’s definitely worth your while to find out more about this “New Form of Entertainment:” HERE:

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Absolutely Killer Website