Indie Film & Video: Best Puppet Film Ever

A day in the life of a Husband and a Wife, living in a world of giant monsters

Inspired by Bri Castellini’s post last week about being a weird filmmaker and our more recent awareness of the upcoming and sure-to-be-very-very-weird The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot, which is – of course – in line to become the favorite film of all time for TVWriter™’s #1 Troublesome Sun Munchman, we’ve just watched the short film above and are wriggling with excitement.

This puppet show – yeppers, it really is a puppet show, but it takes awhile for that to sink in due to the brilliant cinemagraphy – should have you moaning happily, or at least purring, for hours.

So don’t just sit there trying to figure out our grammar, click the link below and enjoy!

Kaiju Bunraku
by Lucas Leyva & Jillian Mayer
From Borscht