In Case You Wondered Why Disney+ is Going to Be So Wonderful…

Know that article we ran about how Disney is going all out to make its new Disney+ streaming circle the best of the best? In addition to all the idealistic and altruistic reasons that we are absolutely certain have figured into the launch, turns out there’s also this:

As Cord Cutting Grows The Disney Channel Has Lost 72% of Its Average Audience
by Luke Bouma

This week, The Information wrote an expansive story about Disney and Netflix as Disney gets ready to launch Disney+.

What was maybe the most shocking news was that since 2014 the Disney Channel has lost 72% of its average audience. This is a huge decline for any company especially one that relies heavily on ad revenues like Disney.

It’s not just Disney who is in trouble. BTIG, a research group focused on topics like TV, has reported that network ratings are down on average 18% in 2019 compared to 2018. The biggest drop is ABC, which is seeing its viewing down 22% in the ever-important 18-49 demographic….

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