‘I’m Listening: a “Frasier” Podcast’

Speaking of podcasts, as TVWriter™ buddy Bob Tinsley does so well here every Thursday, the other day we found something we believe is very special.

That something is I’m Listening, a Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores. Particularly interesting to this TVWriter™ minion is the concept  that this is a regularly scheduled audio discussion of a formerly regularly scheduled video entertainment…and, like NBC’s classic Frasier series, this podcast is one of the all-time best.

As of this writing, I’m Listening has 30 different episodes about the show, delving into such topics as:

  • “Tragic Frasier Facts”
  • “Frasier and Niles”
  • “Why People of Color Love Frasier”
  • “The Queerness of Frasier”
  • And 26 many more – so far…

We haven’t heard all 26 yet, but our current fave is, “The Best of Martin Crane,” which, along with a listing of all the other episodes, awaits you RIGHT HERE

Enjoy, Frasier lovers! We sure did.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaking of Frasier podcasts, you might also enjoy Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs, Kevin Smith and Matt Mira’s very listenable look into the show HERE