How to Restart Your Unfinished Book

This TVWriter™ minion knows she can’t speak for you, but the headline above sure said volumes to me. Breathes there a soul so rare in the world of TVWriter™ visitors who hasn’t begun but not finished at least one book?

Of course not, which is why y’all need to read on….

by Allison Williams – @GuerillaMemoir

Is this the year you recommit to a project that’s languished, unfinished, for months or years? The one where you think:

one day…
when I can dig out my notes…
and have a few solid hours to really dive in…

Newsflash: Your calendar will never magically pop up “Today You Can Focus Entirely on That One Project.” To finish that book on the back burner, you must actively bring it forward.

First, pick one. (You know you have more than one.)

Which project gets you closer to a big life goal? Or envision boarding a lifeboat, where you’re allowed to bring only one manuscript. You probably already know in your heart. Part of every artist loves to dither, saying, Yeah, but if I work on that other thing, maybe… That dithering part of us is basically a three-year-old negotiating between a sundress or their superhero suit for preschool today. Mother Creativity doesn’t care, as long as we get out the door.

  • Pick the one you’re excited about, especially if it’s your first book.
  • If you make money as a writer and you need money now, pick what makes the most money the fastest.
  • If you make money as a writer and you don’t need money now, or you write for fun but want to make money eventually, pick the one you’re excited about. When you reach the murky middle, half-heartedness won’t get you through.

It’s important to commit.

Ask your project: What’s holding me back? Do you need more information? An outline of your story so far? A writing buddy for supportive coworking? Therapy?

Once you’ve chosen, your other works-in-progress will clamor for attention…..

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