How the Hollywood Narrative is Ruining Your Chances of Succeeding

Ah, just what we’ve been looking for. The absolutely best use of magical thinking ever!

In fact, it truly is magical:

by Erica Wernick

Is it just me, or does it feel like Hollywood is set up to make you fail?

Obstacle, after obstacle…

Rejection, after rejection…

It’s *almost* not even worth trying.

and I can say ‘almost’ because those of us who still believe in the magic of our dreams, have a passion so strong that we are going to go for it, despite all of the hardships we hear about.

If you are one of those people, like me, I want you to really listen to what I’m about to tell you.

Because you could be doing everything ‘right’ and still not see success.

And it actually has NOTHING to do with luck.


See, here’s the thing. Hollywood has created a narrative, a ‘story’, that you’ve been hearing since the moment you decided to pursue this dream.

It’s a story oozing with negativity and it’s confirmed again and again.

The Hollywood Story is based on LACK.

It says there is NOT ENOUGH opportunities, roles, jobs, etc.

It says ONLY ONE IN A MILLION will make it.

It says you need a LUCKY BREAK to be successful.

It says competition is so intense that it’s not worth pursuing.

You’ve been fed these lines forever.

They are based on someone else’s experiences…someone else’s truth.

But it does NOT have to be YOUR truth.

And here’s why you need to ditch this Hollywood Story ASAP:

When you hear these statements of lack and you choose to believe them, they get stored in your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind ONLY believes what is stored in it.


So, if you stored, ‘there are not enough opportunities for me to be successful in Hollywood’, then your subconscious says this is the CONCLUSION, meaning, there is no other possible outcome or experience.

Then, your conscious mind goes out into Hollywood and makes decisions based on that conclusion.

Your subconscious mind essentially says, “Hey, Conscious! Go out into the world and prove that I’m right!”

So you begin to attract experiences into your career that do just that, prove the belief true….


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