How Important to Showbiz is TV’s (Ha!) Joss Whedon?

This important, bitches:

bestactressoscars_josswhedonAll Oscar Roads Lead to Joss Whedon

It’s just about time to start preparing for the most important night in Hollywood. I’m referring, of course, to Meryl Streep’s birthday, which is only six months away. In the meantime though, let’s distract ourselves with the Oscars—you know, that really long ceremony thing where people in suits hand out little golden men, and everyone competes to see who can thank the most people before the orchestra drowns out their tearful cries of gratitude? And usually it involves some form of wardrobe malfunction, even if it’s just Jennifer Lawrence tripping on her dress as she walks up to the stage. (Easily one of my top five Oscar moments.)

The one thing missing from the Academy Awards (except maybe a “Hanks cam” that stays on Tom Hanks’ face for the entire broadcast so you can see his amazing reactions) is Joss Whedon. Not only was he sorely under-awarded for his brilliant TV work, but he has yet to win an Oscar. (Although he did earn a nomination back in 1996 for co-writing Toy Story.) Sadly, Joss is once again absent from this year’s Oscar ballot. But that doesn’t mean the big night will be completely devoid of any Whedon magic. You see, Joss is more ingrained in Hollywood than you realize.


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