Have You Been Watching ‘The A Word?’

Christopher Eccleston is more than just a former Doctor on Doctor Who. He’s also one of the finest actors in the English speaking world today.

For the past year, he’s been one of the stars of BBC’s The A Word, a series about an autistic young boy and his family. The show, also available on the Sundance Channel, is, in a word that starts with ‘E’, enlightening. Here’s a clip:

Here’s the entire first episode (at least until it gets yanked off YouTube):

And, for the trifecta, here’s an interview with Chris by a Gerard Groves, a filmmaker and journalist at the BBC, who also is on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s:

Why are we devoting so much time to this show? Well, one reason is that somebody all of you TVWriter™ regulars know – or feel like you know – is also on the spectrum.

A certain LB.

Your thoughts about this series are most welcome. So let us know what they are!