Grant Snider’s Latest Achievement – A Children’s Book for Us All

Not all that long ago, we told you that our fave philosopher-cartoonist, Grant Snider, had written his first children’s book and that it was available for pre-order.

Now we’re here to tell you to forget the pre-ordering stuff. What Color is Night is out and about for all our reading pleasure (yep, even including that of children).

Here’s what Mr. Snider his very self has to say:

by Grant Snider

Last week I celebrated the publication of my debut children’s picture book, WHAT COLOR IS NIGHT?  Here is the story of how my first picture book came to be.

I’ve been a fan of picture books my entire life. One of the first books I loved was TUESDAY by David Wiesner. I still remember the wonder I felt when I opened the book for the first time. In just a few pages, I was lifted off the ground and transported on surreal flying lily pads. I was hooked.

I grew up. But I kept reading picture books. As an overworked dental student in my twenties, I would visit the Kansas City Public Library children’s section and return home with a stack of books intended for children ages three to five. I was always paranoid a librarian would tap me on the shoulder and ask what I was doing there. This never happened, of course. Contrary to my imagination, most librarians are very nice people.

My first serious artistic pursuit was comics. Comics became my creative passion as well as a refuge from the long hours of studying the minutiae of teeth. But I still had a heart for picture books. Someday, I thought, I might try to write and draw one of my own.

In 2012, I was sure this time had arrived. Incidental Comics had an international audience and had been featured for the first time in the New York Times Book Review. I knew how to write. I knew how to draw. And now I had the final piece of the puzzle. My wife Kayla and I were expecting our first child. Now that I was a parent, I gave myself permission. I would write and draw a picture book! …

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While you’re at it, you can find more of Grant’s extraordinary perception of human creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE