Grant Snider Wants Us to Know about His Latest Book

…And we’re down with that. Here’s what he has to say about There is a Rainbow.

by Grant Snider

My new book THERE IS A RAINBOW is [now] out. It’s a story of hope during the pandemic. School Library Journal called it “the perfect pandemic book…the book we need, the message we deserve.”

When my editor Ariel Richardson sent me Theresa Trinder’s powerful, poetic text, I was hooked. It was a welcome chance for me to explore some of my thoughts, feelings, and observations from last Spring’s lockdown. I also experimented with a new art style: colored pencil. Let’s just say I used a lot of them…

Here in Kansas, our stay-at-home order took effect in late March. I was forced to be off from my job as an orthodontist. I attempted to work on comics but found it difficult to accomplish much. It was an unprecedented amount of family time. We went on walks in neighborhoods in parks all across the city. I taught my kids to ride their bikes. I kept a couple sketchbooks and a written diary.

Eventually my diary turned from daily observations into short poems. My sketchbook was filled with scenes from our daily life. Though confined to our small circle of people, I felt attuned to the outside world….

Read it all at, where you can also see all of the delightful Grant Snider art that comes with it.

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