Former Disney animator returns home to teach a new generation

Wonderful article that answers the age-old question: “Is there life after retirement?” with a definitive, Yes!”

by Jon McMichael

A career artist with about a decade of work in the Disney animation studios has recently set up shop in Colorado Springs and is continuing in a culture of creativity.

Scott Burroughs and his wife Chrysti started their journey together at Air Academy high school, here in Colorado Springs, but soon spread their proverbial wings looking for adventure.

After some college education, “One day Disney came out recruiting,” finished Scott. That’s the moment Scott realized what he planned to do with his life.  “I just fell in love,” he continued.

So, with a few stops in between, more school and animating video games for several months creating content for Sega Genesis, Scott soon found himself working at Disney, animating during the golden 90s era.

His first project, part of his internship, was working on Pocahontas.

“I remember when Pocahontas’s dad got shot, I was the person helping to draw the gun in the hand that actually did that, which I thought was fun,” Scott related.

Then, Scott was hired on full time and worked on a few other movies that you may have heard of. “Hunchback, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Brother Bear, Emperor’s New Groove,” Scott recounted. He also did work on Fantasia 2000 and several animated shorts for the company.

In the above movies, he was in charge of animating:

  • Shang from Mulan
  • Pacha (John Goodman’s character) from Emperor’s New Groove
  • One of the gargoyles from Hunchback
  • Janes dad from Tarzan
  • And several other things

Each week was a new scene, 24 pictures per second, and each scene was at least a few seconds long.

“I would go home at night, especially during overtime, and just from drawing my hand would be in a claw.”

But after nearly a decade of working at the animation studio, it closed down, which meant some changes were in order. After moving and finding new work, moving again and switching to freelancing with occasional teaching gigs, the couple finally moved back to Colorado Springs….

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