Every IndieWire TV Review from 2019, Ranked by Grade from Best to Worst

You like overviews? You want overviews? Great! Cause you’d better believe us when we say THIS is a goddam Overview!

by Steve Greene

There may come a day when the tide of TV programming starts to subside, when networks decide that sheer quantity is not enough t–

Ha, who are we kidding, there’s always going to be way too much TV to watch. So, in our ongoing quest to help viewers prioritize 2019 TV shows, we’ve assembled a giant list of every IndieWire TV review of the year, organized by the letter grade (A+ to F) that accompanies each of them. Some series have prompted follow-ups after pivotal episodes or finales, but the links below will take you to season reviews of all the shows listed.

These reviews were based on various numbers of episodes per season. (Due to the nature of production, sometimes only a handful of episodes are available before a show’s premiere — other times, the whole season is ready to be previewed.) So, with that context, let us offer our best attempts at a TV starting point for the year….

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