Don’t Miss Patricia Harrison’s Stand-Up Act

Uh-oh, it’s becoming a trend. Another TVWriter™ Fave has turned to the Dark Side.

In this case we’re talking about Patricia Harrison, a TVWriter™ Basic Online Workshop Alum, who’s gone full-out stand-up comedian, toiling in the L.A. area (of course). We know Patricia is funny cuz munchman says she even makes him laugh. (And muncho’s a very tough audience for everybody except, you know, himself.)

The insightful and hilarious Ms. Harrison is headlining at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA Sunday, October 19th. Be there!

10264142_1039192476109111_4243816285332099298_oWhat a great poster. Great to see that Flappers appreciates Patricia as much as we do.