Diana Vacc sees “This is Us”


By: Diana Vaccarelli

*Be warned – this review may contain spoilers!*

The 2016 fall television season is in full swing.  I got microwaved my popcorn the other night and watched the highly touted new NBC show This Is Us.

This Is Us at this point has seems to have a simple premise: The show gives us a glimpse in the lives of a group of people who share the same birthday. Twins Kevin and Kate. Lawyer Randall. Married couple Jack and Rebecca. But the glimpses themselves are all about surprising twists.


  • Finally! Network television has come out with a show that is so original I couldn’t help but grin.  And the twists! Let me put it this way: The ending of the pilot episode is guaranteed to shock and surprise you. My mouth was wide open at the end in very pleasant astonishment.
  • The performances of all the actors are stellar. I hope the Emmy committee is still watching broadcast TV because in this one episode alone every performance needs to be acknowledged.
  • The writing of the show is more than twisty. It is original and brilliant.  Dan Fogelman, writer and producer (known best for Crazy, Stupid, Love) gives us a series everyone can relate to. No matter who you are in life there is a character here that, quite simply will remind you of…you. Even if you aren’t an obese woman working on losing weight and getting healthy, a famous actor struggling with moral issues regarding his career path, or a black man abandoned by his birth parents the day he was born, you’ll find yourself relating.


  • I tried my utmost to find a flaw in the first episode of This Is Us, but, honestly, I couldn’t. I related, I enjoyed, I can’t wait to see more.  the first time!


Do you want to watch a show that is honest, talks about issues that affect families today, and makes you think? If so, then This Is Us is for you.  I’m so excited that mainstream television finally came out with a show that feels new and original, instead of giving us yet another retread.

Put this one on your DVR list, find yourself a snack, and watch. I’ll betcha dollars to the proverbial donuts (not that I would eat such an unhealthy snake, of course) that you’ll have a smile so big you’ll feel it spreading across your whole face!