Diana Vacc sees “The Founder”

by Diana Vaccarelli


Last week, I watched The Founder, a film I found accidentally, through a friend. It follows the life story of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), who took a local fast food eatery owned by a couple of brothers and turned it into the world’s largest restaurant. (McDonald’s is a restaurant, isn’t it? Even though healthy eaters might not agree?)


  • The story of McDonald’s is so interesting that I was on the edge of my seat. Well, metaphorically anyway. Writer Robert D. Siegel has made this a story full of intrigue and excitement. Not only was I amazed by all the historic elements of this story and how much I didn’t know about Mickey D’s, I was astonished at how the script made me care.  I expected a kind of infomercial and instead found drama and humor that swept right into me.
  • Michael Keaton delivers an astonishingly layered performance as Ray Kroc. When we meet him, he’s a struggling salesman who can’t seem to sell a milkshake mixer. Then he goes to the original McDonald’s and is blown away by its speedy system of making and delivering the food. Kroc talks Dick and Mac McDonald into joining with him and franchising the business. It’s a tough road, and the script pushes all my “rooting for the hero” buttons as the franchise becomes a success. And then the twist hits us: Kroc gets too greedy and screws the brothers over. I felt as though my heart was torn out. Well, okay, that’s metaphorical too. But my belief in human nature took a very nasty turn.


  • Watching this film, there was nothing I did not like…except for Ray Kroc’s horrific hustling and inability to see himself as the shameless huckster he really is…and since creating this ambivalence is the whole point of this film, this “badness” is all to the good of the theme.


  • Go and watch this film.  The Founder gives insights into greed and the lengths one will go to to get the almighty dollar that may help you understand our current political situation more than just a bit better.

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