Diana Vacc Sees Outlander Ep 10 “Prestonpans”


by Diana Vaccarelli

This episode of Outlander is about the big battle of Prestonpans where Jamie leads the Scottish Army to victory over the English.  If you haven’t viewed this episode yet be warned this review may contain spoilers.


  • The writing of the episode was brilliant, as usual. Ira Steven Behr brings us an episode steeped in history.  He brings both tears and humor to such an historic event. Tears filled my eyes at the death scene of Angus, our humorous Scot. I couldn’t help but laugh when after the battle Jamie ( Sam Heughan) eases the tension by starting a competition to see if he can pee in a large cup at a far distance. It seemed such a raunchily 21st Century thing to do!
  • The acting in this show continues to amaze me.  Caitriona Balfe’s Claire is especially believable setting up a field hospital and taking control in a time when women had to be obedient. Sam Heughan’s Jamie delivers a performance that shows why his character is known as the King of Men. Talk about demonstrating the personality of a true leader! And Graham McTavish is perfect as Dougal Mackenzie, war chieftain of the clan Mackenzie and Jamie’s Uncle, making us both love and hate him in this episode. The character is our hero earlier in the battle, but we find ourselves hating him afterward when he continues his bloodthirsty ways, killing a wounded soldier.


  • Once again I couldn’t find one thing to not like about an Outlander episode. The gamut of emotions this show covers is truly extraordinary. Once again, I urge everybody who hasn’t watched it to set your DVR and prepare to be entertained.Happy TV Watching!

    Diana Vaccarelli is the TVWriter™ Critic-at-Large and, in case you haven’t noticed, a HUGE Outlander fan. Learn more about her HERE