Diana Vacc sees “Christmas in Rome”

by Diana Vaccarelli

It’s that time of year.  Cheesy Hallmark Channel Holiday Movie Season!!!! As cheesy as these movies are they bring a light to the stress of everyday living.  The second in a series of film reviews from yours truly is “Christmas in Rome.”

This holiday movie takes place in the magical city of Rome.  Who doesn’t want to travel to Rome and experience its history and culture?  It’s on my bucket list, for sure, one of the best things about Christmas in Rome is cinematography, with all its scenery and landmarks.

Lacey Chabert of Mean Girls plays the character of Angela De Luca, a tour guide in Rome.  She meets a young man named Oliver Martin, portrayed by Sam Page, on a mission to buy a business that makes Christmas ornaments.  Oliver, being from America, enlists the help of Angela to charm the local Italian business owner.

Chabert and Page demonstrate great chemistry in this film.  The problem their characters ultimately have to overcome is that once his business is over Oliver has to go back to states. Oh my! How do you suppose that will affect their wonderful new relationship?

Unfortunately for viewers who want to be surprised, Christmas in Rome has the usual predictable happy ending. Luckily for me, I love happy endings, especially at Christmas time, so no worries here.

If you feel the way I do, then this Hallmark film is for you. I hope you enjoy this holiday movie season!

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