Diana Vacc sees “Check Inn to Christmas”

by Diana Vaccarelli

Its that time again.  One of my favorites –  Hallmark Channel holiday movie season!!!! Oh yeah!

As cheesy as these movies are, they bring relief from the stress of everyday living.  The first in this series of film reviews from yours truly is Check Inn to Christmas.

Check Inn film follows lawyer and boss babe Julia Crawley, portrayed by Rachel Boston,  as she comes home for the holidays and helps run the small family inn.  Soon we learn the Crawley family has a rivalry with the Masons, another family with a vacation inn and that the rivalry spans many generations.

You can probably guess what’s going to happen. Here’s how writer Anna White takes the “Romeo and Juliet” angle from here:

While on an errand, Julia runs into handsome Ryan Mason, portrayed by Wes Brown, son of the rival Mason family.  And what do you know? That’s right. The two of them immediately fall in love and hide it from their disputing families, of course.

After a secret meeting, Julia and Ryan discover that both their families’ inns are at risk via a big-name resort planning on coming to their small town.  They decide to get their families to agree to work together to get rid of the big ,evil corporate resort inn.

This is a typical Hallmark product, starting with forbidden love, moving directly to the bad corporation trying to take over a small town without passing anywhere near “Go!”, and crossing home plate with the lovers’ families coming together.

As predictable as this film was, however, Check Inn to Christmas was a genuine hoot to watch. I recommedt it to even the most jaded holiday gift wrapper. You may roll your eyes a bit, but you’ll also smile and not and find yourself forgetting the troubles of the day.

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