CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA might be the darkest TV show I’ve ever seen

We don’t have much to say about the series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but that’s because we’ve never watched it.

At first the problem was a simple one: Nobody over here at TVWriter™ had time. Because let’s face it – there’s one hell of a lot TV out there to try and keep up with.

Now the prob’s a little more complicated. Now that one or two of us here do have the time, guess what? We’re afraid. Seriously, we’re scared of how CAOS will make us feel…because of chilling and well-crafted articles like this one:

by the Bitter Script Reader

CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA is quite possibly the darkest show I’ve ever seen. I was a few weeks behind in completing this series and so while I was still mid-binge, I did my best to shut out the noise from pop culture sites that drop 13 recaps and even more thinkpieces within four days of the release of a Netflix show. I’m used to this by now and have developed my own method of getting through a new Netflix drop – no more than two episodes a night, and if two new shows drop close to each other, I tend to alternate back and forth. I like this method because it forces me to appreciate each ep on its own more.

The detriment is that during the instances where a binge takes a couple weeks, by the time I’m ready to talk about a show, the rest of the internet has moved on. There are a lot of reasons to appreciate the binge model, but I miss experiencing television at the same time as every other viewer. It made for more interesting conversation. Hell, it made for a longer, more in-depth conversation. That ship has long sailed, but usually, even if I was avoiding the thinkpieces, I at least had a vague awareness of their existence. With SABRINA, I finished the show with very little sense of what the wider discussion surrounding it was.

Netflix is not unused to stirring up controversy. Parents and some suicide experts had some very vocal protests of 13 REASONS WHY, feeling the show could be taken as an endorsement of suicide. ATYPICAL drew the ire of some in the autism community for some aspects of its lead character and for not employing any autistics on-camera or off. And INSAITABLE was controversial from the moment the trailer dropped.

And with SABRINA, the most vocal protests I’ve seen have come from… the Satanic Church unhappy with their depiction? Really? …

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