Writers Guild of America West Still Working for Net Neutrality

by TVWriter™ Press Service

From the WGAW’s lips to the FCC’s ears. The image is difficult to read, we know, so here’s the statement again:

Contact: Gregg Mitchell (323) 782-4651

Los Angeles – The Writers Guild of America West has issued the following statement on joining advocacy organizations to file an intervenor brief to reinstate net neutrality: read article

Who Needs Development Executives? Let’s replace them with AI

This had to happen, right?

Looks like AIs are poised to dictate what  we see on TV and in films. Are we really supposed to get all our scripts assigned by bots now, and our writing and production notes from machine intelligence?

What hath tech wrought? read article

New TV & Film Writers: Don’t Let Yourself Get Scammed!

A few words of warning from The Hollywood Reporter.

Once considered the tail-ender showbiz trade mag in terms of both reporting and readership, THR’s sophisticated and knowledgeable web presence has made it the leader these days, so we’re always glad to see them helping writers this way:

by Stephen Galloway

A few weeks after Manny Fonseca arrived in Los Angeles in the early part of this decade, having left his native Michigan with the hope of becoming a Hollywood writer or executive, the then 30-year-old was at a party when a producer asked if he’d “like to make a hundred bucks.” Sure, he replied. What would he have to do? read article

64% of Female TV Writers Have Encountered Workplace Sexual Harassment

The good news here is that they did the survey and published the results.

The bad news is those results:

(Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC)

by Rachel Monpeller

A month after WGA East released the findings of a sexual harassment survey given to its members, its sister union, WGA West, has published the results of its own survey. Unfortunately, the West Coast’s women writers are navigating just as toxic a workplace as their East Coast counterparts. As Deadline reports, the WGA West survey concluded that 64 percent of female writers have been subjected to sexual harassment on the job, and “a significant amount of the harassment writers experience occurs in the writers’ room.” read article

TV Writer (and Viewer) In-Joke of the Month

And it isn’t even a cartoon:

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