RIP William Blinn (Bill Blinn Day Part 1)

by Larry Brody

Brian’s Song.

Purple Rain. read article

Last Week’s Big Moments in TV Series Development Deals

by Larry Brody

Over the years, yours truly AKA LB, has spent more hours than I care to admit looking through the websites of the Big Three of insider showbiz news, AKA Variety.Com, The Hollywood Reporter.Com, and Deadline.Com searching for the latest updates about what the future holds for TV.

Such info is invaluable for writers who are trying to create and sell their own new shows for network, cable, or streaming series because it shows the mind set of the different gatekeepers as well as letting the developing creatives know what’s already been bought so they can stop developing similar ideas. Or, you know, start developing them. read article

How to Stream the Silver Surfer Animated Series: Your Ultimate Viewing Guide

For some reason, we here at TVWriter™ love this article. Who’d a’thunk? (Keep reading and you’ll probably figure it out.)

by Anthony McGlynn

Canceled due to studio politics, the Silver Surfer animated series is one of the more distinctive parts of the Marvel nineties TV canon. The 13 episode season, the first and only, ran from February 1998 to May 1998 on Fox Kids as part of the ongoing relationship Marvel had with Saban Entertainment. Unfortunately, mid-production of this show, the two companies parted ways, and this cartoon was one of the casualties. read article

The ‘Silver Surfer’ Cartoon Is the Secret Star of Marvel’s ’90s TV Line-Up

NOTE FROM LB: A TVWriter™ visitor just called my attention to this exceedingly generous review/reminiscence of one of the most meaningful shows of my career, the Silver Surfer Saturday morning cartoon show, and rather than just sit and grin about it, I thought it would be a good thing to share with the rest of you.

The only thing that could’ve made this 2018 article from io9 even better would have been if it had for God’s fucking sake included my name and those of the super talented collaborators I worked with to make this such an exciting series!!!

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Hollywood Ethics – The Skeletons in Television’s Closet

NOTE FROM LB: The following report about the 5 yearish long lawsuit between the stars and creators and and producer of Bones – profit participants all – has absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing dispute between Hollywood writers and agents.

I repeat: They have nothing to do with each other. read article