The Real Secret of Pitch Meeting Success

The big difference between most people pitching ideas to execs and producers is that all but the rawest exec/producer you talk to knows, before you even enter the room,  the rewards you’ll get if they say yes.

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Kate Hackett Eviscerates Reboots

The ever-lovely and talented Ms. Hackett

Kate Hackett is ranting her way to stardom. Today she takes on reboots and exposes them for the ^%$! they are.

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Do You Feel Like a Failure?



What to say, think, and do when the feeling of failure takes over your life.

Is it impossible to escape the feeling of failure? After all, don’t we feel we fail more in life than succeed? You’ve probably heard plenty of famous quotes about failure. “Giving up is the only way to fail.” “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.” There are literally hundreds of famous quotes on failure. They point to it being an inevitable truth of existence. And how turning failure into a learning experience is what successful people do. There is truth in all of those famous quotes. But knowing useful ways to think about failure is one thing. Understanding how to actually do it is an entirely different thing. read article

Top Views & Trending Posts on TVWriter™ in Week Ending 6/27/21

Thumbs Up Y’all

Good morning! Welcome to another new week at TVWriter™.  Today we’re trying out a new, quick-reading Top Views & Trends format Let us know what you think.

Our most popular posts originally published in the past two weeks are:

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Kate Hackett Hates USB Cables

TVWriter™ is happy to welcome back ultra-talented indie writing, directing, and acting mayven Kate Hackett, who unleashes her thoroughly justified ire in a lovely rant called I Hate USBs.

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