Is Modern Tech Doing S-F in?

Even if current technology isn’t destroying science fiction, it’s certainly eliciting a lot of unintended smiles. But just between us, we think the best of the s-f published and produced for TV and radio is holding up pretty well. Or is it?

Modern Tech Makes Science Fiction Look Like Ancient Past
by Dave McQuilling

People have used fiction to escape the mundane world they live their daily lives in since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, due to relatively recent technological strides, things that would have seemed fantastical or impossible a few decades ago may now be on par with something you have lying on your coffee table.

The further back you go, the greater the effect is. Technology featured in older works of fiction, such as things written in the 1960s, was probably amazing to fans at the time but can look almost comical when compared to things we take for granted today.

So, here are just a few examples of how easy-to-access tech has caught up with—and taken the fun out of—everything from spy thrillers to sci-fi.