Top Views on TVWriter™ for the Month of September 2021 + Other Matters

Hi Selena! Does this mean you love us? (Of course it does.)

by Larry Brody

Good morning! Welcome to another new month at TVWriter™.

Before we get to the Top Views, I’d like to share a few things. As of this writing, yours truly LB is  only two months shy of my 77th birthday, and I’ve found myself evaluating my work and my life and all the things human beings end up evaluating when they face the fact that, “Hey! I’m getting older!”

I won’t bore you with the process (although truth to tell, I did find it fascinating), but here are some of the results of all that self-absorption…I mean self-discovery:

I’ve had it with Facebook. Every few months it makes itself more obnoxious in so many ways that even though it’s free, using it to promote a business like TVWriter™ isn’t worth the time and effort.

So sometime this week, The TVWriter.Com FB page is going to vanish. The hell with it. The TVWriter™ web site will of course stay up and running. As will my personal FB account, which has plenty of room for new friends. TVWriter™ will also remain on Twitter – unless Trump wins his latest lawsuit and ends up reinstated there. Then Twitter’s out too.

I’ve lost all interest in the concept of deadlines. No, wait, it’s more than that. I’ve lost all interest in the concept of “having a work ethic.” I’m too old to be sweating at a keyboard all day (unless it’s one that makes music).

This means that I’ll be using the blog part of TVWriter™ (the posts that run in the center of the site’s pages)  more for personal musing about life, death, creativity, and, of course, writing tips, instead of running news and views by other people.

Structured teaching and the Zoom classroom have become almost as annoying to me as Facebook, so I’m dropping the weekly Advanced Workshop and Master Class. The new  Private Master Class, however, will remain, expanded into four private one-on-one meetings between each student and myself, each meeting to be held whenever the student has new revisions to share with me.

The Writing & Showbiz News page linking to other sites will remain active, updating twice a day. So will the Writing & Showbiz Tips from Around the Web page. Much of that page, btw, is material that I otherwise would have run in the blog, so those of you who frequent those pages (which should be all of you anyway) won’t be missing much.

My goal is to spend more time doing the things I love now instead of the things I used to love which have become little more than habits. These days, for example, it’s more fun for me to work on hardscaping my property than trying to understand – and explain – the machinations of the Hollywood Machine.

Oh, wait. Speaking of what I love, Happy Birthday to my twin grandchildren, Mina and Strider! You guys are going to have a great year!

Yeah, I guess that’s an even better example of what I mean by “more fun.”

That’s pretty much it. Weekly and even daily views are already available (continuously updated) via the righthand column of every post and page on TVWriter™, but here, in order, are last month’s 10 most popular blog posts and resource pages.

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