Bri Castellini Day Part 2 – @brisownworld

Today’s second article by award winning film maker, web series maker, film professor and all-around Brilliantly Talented Young Lady Bri Castellini. Enjoy!

NYR 2019: A Reflection
by Bri Castellini

  1. Write 5 new projects. Partial completion. I have a lot of valid excuses for not completing this resolution, but at the end of the day: I made too many non-writing commitments this year and didn’t make writing a priority like this FIRST RESOLUTION implied I wanted to. Next year, hopefully other things will get more stable.
  2. Host 3 table reads. Partial completion. If you’ll remember, this was on the list because I was allegedly “stepping back a bit from producing this year,” which absolutely did not turn out to be true. I directed Better With You, I released and promoted Sam and Pat season 2, I completed post-production on and began the festival run for Buy In (my latest award-winning project, coming soon!), and I produced and edited 2 podcasts (with 1 still ongoing, which I’m editing as I write this blog). Honestly, I’m glad I did these other things, so I’m not overly upset this one didn’t go to plan.
  3. Post one blog and one YouTube video a month. Failure. Listen.
  4. Cook dinner at least twice a week. Failure. I did better than could be expected, but I also didn’t live up to this. This year was… hectic.
  5. Start or end my day active at least three times a week. Failure. Listen.
  6. Release and submit for festivals both projects I have in post. Was done as of July!
  7. Leave New York at least 4 times. Final tally:
    1. January- Los Angeles (for family)
    2. January: Washington DC (to see my mom)
    3. March- Los Angeles (for Stareable)
    4. March- Oregon (for Stareable/visiting)
    5. April- Washington DC (for Stareable)
    6. April- Northhampton, MA (for Stareable)
    7. May- Utah (to shoot Better With You)
    8. June- Denver (for LIU-Brooklyn)
    9. July- New Jersey (for the Buy In premiere)
    10. August- Los Angeles (for Stephens College)
    11. September- Los Angeles (for Seed&Spark)
    12. September- Utah (for the Better With You premiere)
    13. September-October- Colorado (to watch my mom’s house)
    14. November- San Diego (for my cousin’s wedding)
    15. December- Los Angeles (for Seed&Spark again)
    16. December- Colorado (for Christmas)
  8. Save $2k. After my financial scare and my loss of income for a few months and my dipping into my savings to pay rent… I actually ended up managing to save $2760.74! Since Quinn and I are moving across the country in early 2021 and we’d also like to take at least one vacation, this is a huge success and one sorely needed. After a year of financial panic and insecurity, it feels good to have gotten back on track, prepared for whatever 2020 has to throw at me.
  9. Pick my battles. Based on my wording for this resolution, I think I did this. I’m still a person with zero chill to her name, but I like to think I’ve aimed my lack of chill better than I had previously.
  10. Be a better adultPartial completion. I’m still dragging my feet on enough things that I can’t in good conscience call this a complete success, but I’m definitely better off than I was in January.
  • Complete: 4
  • Partial completion: 3
  • Failed: 3

Not bad! Especially given the absolute insanity that was this year. I mean, just look at the travel tally! 2019 was not, by any means, a good year, but it was certainly an interesting one. Here’s to accountability

Bri Castellini is an indie filmmaker and Film Community Manager for Seed&Spark, a film crowdfunding platform, as well as an adjunct professor for two MFA programs. Watch the remarkable Ms. Castellini’s award-winning web series, Brains, HERE. See Sam And Pat Are Depressed HERE. This post first appeared on Bri’s wonderfully refreshing blog.