Bri Castellini: In September, I did nothing – @brisownworld

by Bri Castellini

Been a pretty piss-poor month as far as productivity goes. And that includes no blogging! I’m the worst.

This is a housekeeping blog because I haven’t done a cop out housekeeping blog in a while. Here are all the things I have to do that I’m currently avoiding doing:

  • Editing Sam and Pat Are Depressed season 2
  • Finishing editing Buy In, a short film we shot in January
  • Editing Bri And Chris Are Depressed, a podcast
  • Writing blogs for this website
  • Paying an invoice for a medical expense because they sent me a physical piece of mail, like I’m an OLD PERSON
  • Cleaning my room
  • Cleaning my bathroom
  • Cleaning my whole apartment
  • Grocery shopping
  • Writing new scripts
  • Finishing old scripts
  • Organizing my budget again
  • Planning an upcoming trip
  • Finishing THIS blog (just took an hour break)

And probably more. Talked to my therapist last night about my tendency to only have two phases: so busy I never take a break or sleep or so unbusy I can barely get out of bed. No middle ground. Should probably work on that.

(better blog coming this weekend. Probably)

(read a better one from August here)

Bri Castellini is an indie filmmaker and Community Director at Stareable, our favorite web series hub. Watch the remarkable Ms. Castellini’s award-winning web series, Brains, HERE. See Sam And Pat Are Depressed HERE. This post first appeared on Bri’s wonderfully refreshing blog.

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