Bri Castellini: ‘Letter to my future self 2017’ – @brisownworld

Frequent TVWriter™ contributor Bri Castellini’s latest interweb video masterpiece, for those who wonder what web series creators actually, you know, get out of being web series creators.

Remember the days when you could say “You go, girl!” and not sound like a jerk? Believe us when we tell you we’d be saying it now…but the “jerk” thing is, yeah, kind of problematic. >sigh<


Bri’s YouTube channel is HERE

Bri Castellini is an indie filmmaker and Community Liaison at Stareable, our favorite web series hub. This article was originally published on Bri’s most excellent blog, the eponymous Bri’sOwnWorld. Watch Bri’s award-winning web series, Brains, HERE