Audio Drama & William Gibson’s ‘Alien 3’

We here at TVWriter™ are major fans and, we hope, supporters of audio series, and so, it turns out, is some guy named William Givson. Who knew?

by Jo Light

Audible has…revealed that they are turning William Gibson‘s unproduced Alien 3 script into an original audio drama, which is exciting for Alien fans but also perhaps a signal that if you can’t get your narrative to the screen, maybe you can settle for audio drama first, and see where that takes you…

Are you likely to get the listens this Alien 3 script will? No. But that didn’t stop many a cinematic storyteller from gaining traction with original content in graphic novel or book series form before selling the big or small screen rights.

More platforms and more outlets being popularized by major names and franchises can mean more viable ways for you to get your story to audiences.

What else does this particular audio drama have going for it? Well, Michael Biehn will return to his role as Corporal Hicks, whom he played in 1986’s sequel, Aliens. The audio drama is set for a May 30th release….

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