Are You a Jeff Daniels Fan?

This TVWriter™ minion’s daddy always said, “Daughter, you can always trust a man with a guitar. A drummer not so much, but a strummer…yup.”

If you aren’t a Jeff Daniels fan, maybe you should rethink that. Especially if you’re a TV aficionado, or better yet, a TV writer.

“Why?” you ask.

To which we reply:


Why do you believe that television has surpassed movies in quality?
JD: It is where the writing went. Television is where the writers went. They’re given a creative freedom that I haven’t felt in other places. Then they hire really good people. And they give you the money to shoot it. It’s a lot of money, too.

Found at Metro USA

You know, if knowledgeable folks like Mr. Daniels keep praising TV writing and TV in general, TVWriter™ just may have to change the motto we’ve had since our creation 20 years ago:

Larry Brody’s Guide to Writing for the Medium Everyone Loves to Hate

Who would have thought?