Anybody Remember ‘Ironside?’

Over the course of 196 episodes from 1967 to 1975 on NBC, Raymond Burr and his crew fought crime on the back lot of Universal City troubled streets of San Francisco thanks to Ironside’s (Burr) wheelchair and specially equipped van. (Hey, it had room for the wheelchair.)

Among the many big name writers of that time who joined Ironside’s pool of freelancers were such luminaries as:

  • Collier Young
  • Sy Salkowitz
  • True Boardman
  • Robert Van Scoyk
  • Sandy Stern
  • Stephen J. Cannell
  • Mark Rodgers
  • Adrian Spies
  • Evan Hunter
  • Robert Ward
  • Liam O’Brien
  • Joel Oliansky
  • Hindi Brooks
  • And many others, including – wait for it – a newbie named Larry Brody

That’s right, our Beloved Leader himself. And now, TVWriter™ is proud to present the following newly discovered and highly beloved mementos of one of the 3 occasions LB ventured onto Ironside’s  turf, discovered by the King of Golden Age TV himself, the illustrious Herbie J Pilato:

Here ya go:

LB’s NOTE: Big thanks for the memories, Herbie J. And for this opportunity to show my name before the title. (Funny thing. I never even imagined this in color. Couldn’t afford a color TV set in those days and never realized Burr wasn’t really black and gray.)