Another Reason Why Every Good TV Idea Turns to S**t

How many times as LB told his students, “No matter what your job title, you’re a salesman?” Thousands of times, that’s how many. Still, many talented and hard working writers refuse to accept that basic tenet. Okay, salesperson deniers, whaddaya say about this:


AMC Network Narrows Field Of Drama Pilot Contenders With Producer Meetings
by Nellie Andreeva

With a renewed focus on original dramas as AMC  just exited the unscripted space, the network is ramping up development. It had been an AMC tradition to hold annual script showcases, called by the network producer meetings, where the writers/producers of scripts that had been identified by network brass as top pilot contenders, lay out their vision for the shows beyond the pilot. Those producer meetings, which continue to be referred to as “bakeoff” in agency jargon, have traditionally been taking place in the spring, followed by pilot pickups. Sometimes, there has been a second round of producer meetings in the fall, which is what happened this year.

I’ve learned of seven projects from AMC Studios that were featured at the meetings held this week. Their settings span from present-day Birmingham and Mumbai to 1950s Argentina, and they tackle issues ranging from civil rights and pandemic to alien contact.

Additionally I hear that Preacher, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin’s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s controversial 1990s comic book series, from Sony TV, was not part of the presentations but also is heating up for a potential pilot order.

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