Aaron Walker Sr.: Setting Creative Priorities

The Making of a SciFy Franchise #19
by Aaron Walker Sr.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Story So Far starts HERE)

Daymond recently talked about priorities in his series on juggling life and passion. So I wanted to chime in on that as well. Like Daymond and my brother, I too am a man of faith. First off let me say: there would be no Cargo 3120 if it had not been for God and his grace in my life. This is simply my reality.  So for me the priorities were: God, family, health, Work and passion. I rank passion last because for me, if the other areas are lacking, I will never succeed in my passion, which is to tell the story of Cargo 3120. The key is balance… But balance is also the problem, because it can, at times, be so hard to achieve.

The last few weeks have been “very emotional” for me. My daughter finally achieved her goal of enlisting in the United States Army and is currently in her first week of basic training. I couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s hard to let go as you watch your children make that transition to adulthood, so her leaving was both joyous and tough for me. I also have two sons at home, both in high school. I am very proud of the young men into which they are growing. But anyone who has ever raised teenagers in this day and age will agree, it is very challenging. And in a blended family such as ours, there is at times drama (inside and outside of the home) that adds to these challenges.

In my opinion, passion is good, but you cannot pursue these things at the expense of the other areas of life that truly matter.  The key is knowing when to shift focus, and equally important, when to shift that focus back. And believe me, I had to do a lot of shifting recently.

It’s not easy, but such is life. I’ve often heard stories of people who enjoyed great success in their passions, but did it at the expense of things that they later felt should have been priorities in their lives (such as family), and they looked back with regret. I decided early on that I didn’t want to be that guy. So my daily prayer is that God help me to continue to find that balance.  And speaking of balance, time to get to work on that new content for the website!

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