Despite the exaggerated clickbait headline, this is in fact an interesting and helpful article. Remember, we told you first: YouTube is the future. (For better or for worse.) Check out this list of thoroughly professional type video series that you just might like:

Yeah, this really is a kind of free plug, isn’t it? Sorry!

by Sean Fitz-Gerald

NetflixAmazon, and Hulu might be dominating the streaming wars, but never discount the original streaming site: YouTube. The video-sharing platform recently tossed its hat in the original content ring to vie for your attention and money with its own subscription-based service, YouTube Red.

Not ready to pony up yet? No worries. Over the years, tons of budding creators have used YouTube as a hub to post their passion projects — see: The ActressLemmingsClark and MichaelThe ‘BuThe Outs, and Green Porno. For more solid, free watches, read on for nine of our other faves.

The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

The seeds for HBO’s hit comedy Insecure were planted with this snappy web series more than half a decade ago. HBO’s product is, of course, flashier and more fleshed out now, but if you dig into Mis-Adventures you’ll see how creator Issa Rae got her start, developed her voice, and laid the blueprint for one of TV’s more innovative shows. Both offer a semi-autobiographical look at Issa Rae’s titular awkwardness; both are insightful, funny, and worth your time.

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