A Few Very Kind Words About TVWriter™ University from a Former Student

by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

LB has always been reluctant to run testimonials because he thinks they’re too self-serving. But right now, while he’s caught up in other things, we’re going to show you this one anyway – because the way we see it, talking about successes that have come from TVWriter™s classes and contests serves the interest of new writers more than it does, you know, LB’s.

Have a gander at this, then, from Cilla Lowen, a new writer living in South Africa, who for a couple of months about a year ago got herself up and out of bed every “Thursday” morning at 4 a.m. Johannesburg time for the Wednesday evening 6 p.m. (Pacific Time) Online Workshop:

Hope you and your loved ones are thriving.  Just want to keep you posted on my progress in 2016 thanks to your constructive guidance:

My docudrama feature ‘A Mother’s Legacy’ achieved Best Script Award at the Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York in March 2016.  I have one of South Africa’s best directors on board and also a producer.  We’re just waiting to see if the National Film and Video Foundation will help us with funding before we go begging elsewhere.

‘The Handyman’ which is my faith-based TV drama, that I was fiddling with in your Advanced Course, is currently in the Writers’ Guild of South Africa Muse Awards finals.  I fly up to Johannesburg on the 10 Feb for the awards ceremony. Don’t think I’ll win, but was just happy to be on the same page as the other candidates.  I took note of your comments and did major surgery.

My sitcom, Harry’s Harvest, that made your Spec Spectacular semis listing in Jan 2016, did land me a commission for a 26 short episode sitcom series (international) that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. One of the most stimulating [projects] of my writing career.

Thank you for the quality and personal guidance you give. I hope one day you will consider me for the Masters Course. I’ll always be grateful to you for the solid foundation you provided.  You have created a very happy writer.

And there we have it – an example of why this website exists…and has been thriving for the past 19+ years!