10 Reasons You Should Create Your Own Audio Series

We keep saying this, but, hey, we mean it: Audio Series AKA Audio Drama, AKA Audio Drama Podcasts, AKA Audio Dramacasts (and probably a whole lot more) are a wonderful way to get your muse off affordably. This article says it another way, and since a whole lot of y’all aren’t listening to us we thought we’d give this angle a try:

10 things I love (and hate) about audio drama podcasting
by Velma Kelly

Television for your ears.  I think that is the simplest way to describe an audio drama.  After discovering audio drama podcasts, I felt like I had found one of the industry’s best kept secrets and that I should guard it like Gollum with the ring.  I later realized it was no secret but, rather a misrepresented industry. I am here to tell you that audio dramas are not just for anyone but, more specifically, for EVERYONE.

1. Accessibility

Let’s start with accessibility because in today’s modern world, convenience is everything.  How many of us have the ability to watch Netflix at work or while stuck in traffic? I’m guessing not many at work and even less in traffic (passenger privileges only.)  That logic applies to just about anyone who has responsibility; you must remain focused, or at least, appear to be. That is why so many of us sport those tiny little earbuds throughout our day.  Now imagine you have the ability to experience the same feeling you would in front of a screen but, in the comfort of those precious headphones, anywhere, anytime. Need I say more on the topic?

2. Quality

I know many people would assume the quality of an audio drama would be subpar to motion pictures and T.V. productions but, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Not only does the content come from professional writers but, they are actually creating for the purpose of, dare I say it, expression and impression instead of ratings and net worth.  For those of you who savor underground music and independent films, this is exactly what you have been looking for; undiscovered talent eager to share without contamination that comes from the entertainment industry.

3.Casting & Special Effects

Touching on the quality a little bit further, let’s talk about casting and special effects, people!  Before I started listening to audio dramas through my podcast outlet, I assumed they would sound a lot like the radio dramas my grandmother enjoyed before the magic picture box came around.  Not that I don’t have respect for the past, quite the contrary but, I very much enjoy today’s special effects and find some older productions to be a bit hokey, at times. Well, I have to be honest about how surprised I was when I found my heart racing as I was immersed in a zombie apocalypse while sitting in my cubicle….

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