“Your Idea Will Never Be Ready”

A short lesson in productivity and the attitude you need to, you know, be productive. This TVWriter™ minion got a lot out of this…and the great image that accompanies it:

Image by David Mulder Found on LifeHacker

by Patrick Allan

A large source of my creative procrastination comes from this notion that my idea “just isn’t ready yet,” like it’s fruit ripening on a tree. But you know what? That’s bullshit.

I do creative writing in my free time—short stories, screenplays, TV pilots, poems, songs—but honestly, most of that writing is actually just me jotting down ideas of things I want to write in the future, “when I have time.” I tell myself that those ideas still need to get “fleshed out,” that they’re “percolating,” but really I’m hoping that I’ll have some sort of epiphany that will make the hard work easier.

The truth is, that epiphany rarely comes….

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