You Too Can Write About DOCTOR WHO


No, we didn’t say “for,” unfortunately, although you never know. That would take is a lot of perseverance, talent, and, we’re thinking, an in with either Steven Moffat or Peter Capaldi.

But it turns out that the blog known as Life, Doctor Who and Combom, which TVWriter™’s opinion is the best of the myriad sites devoted to new, views, and overthink about DOCTOR WHO, is looking for new writers to bring their insight and sense of engagement to the Whoniverse’s discussion of the series.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

You must:

  • Be able to regularly contribute to the site.
  • Be able to stay committed to the site.
  • Have at least basic English skills. (Punctuation, spelling, etc)
  • Preferably have Skype to be part of our Team Chat (text only)

If you’re interested then please drop us a line with the following:

  • Your name, age and general location.
  • Why you want to join Team Combom.
  • What you think you can bring to the site.
  • Any past experience.
  • A sample Doctor Who news article or any similar work, if available.
  • Anything else you wish to add or ask.

Send your application to the site’s webmaster at and, who knows? It might change your whole life.

We return you now to your mundane, not-writing-about-Doctor-Who life. You know, the one that’s just like – sob – ours.