Writers! ManuFixed is Here for You!

EDITOR’S NOTE: TVWriter™ is continually barraged by with requests from people asking us to recommend a solid, reliable editorial service to help writers prepare their teleplays, screenplays, literary manuscripts as such. We’ve never stepped into that trap because such recommendations are fraught with peril.

Now, though, we’ve found a service we’re happy to step up to the plate for. It’s called ManuFixed. Here’s what its creators have to say:

Scripts! Manuscripts! Plots! Queries!
Scripts! Manuscripts! Plots! Queries! Not only does ManuFixed do stuff, it’s a real word!

by Samantha Bohrman & Cristina Pippa

Sometimes your family won’t read an eighteenth draft of your script, even though it has a stunning, epic love story and a vivid WWII backdrop. (Some of us may know this from experience.) Perhaps you realize that your current circle of readers doesn’t have the expertise to offer you useful feedback anyway.

We started ManuFixed to offer just those services– professional editing and coaching for writers. We are writers ourselves, and we love helping other writers bring their visions to life.

A professional editor with experience writing script coverage will help you take your work to the next level. And if you’re looking for inspiration or someone to pitch your ideas to, you can call on an enthusiastic and thoughtful writing coach who has worked with screenwriters for television and film.

We first met a few years ago at our writing group’s holiday party. We like to call the coffee shop where we write “the office” and host summer BBQs and holiday parties as if we’re a Fortune 500 Company.

One of us was on maternity leave from writing sessions at “the office” when the other one joined the group, so the holiday party was the first chance we got to sit down and find out why everyone thought the other one was so great.

There was German pretzel bread. Writers offered to watch each other’s dogs while they were out of town. And we must have arranged a writing date, because we’ve been meeting once a week since then.

After chatting and exchanging work, we found that:

  • We had worked for the same boutique New York literary agency, and
  • We never got more useful feedback on our work than we did from each other. We had been providing editorial services to writers separately for years, and we had so much fun comparing notes and honing our work together, we decided to go into business.

ManuFixed offers:

  1. Coaching: Focus on your writing goals, pitches, and specific challenges and strengths. Perhaps you’re deciding what to work on next or you would like feedback on an early draft. Hop online or on a phone call with us, and let’s dig in.
  2. Developmental editing for scripts and manuscripts: We’ll read your work multiple times and present you with 2-3 pages of notes, focusing on overall character development, plot, pacing, dialogue, and structure.
  3. Copy editing and proofreading: This is a line edit for that final polish.
  4. Query, plus 10 pages: Refine your query and first 10 pages to help snag an agent.

If you’re interested, check out www.manufixed.com, connect with us on Twitter (@ManuFixed), or send us an email at manufixers@gmail.com.

Our pricing for coaching and editing is competitive and is listed on our website. We love talking with writers and discussing their writing. Even if you’re sick-to-death of working on your latest project, we can’t wait.

ManuFixers’ Bios: Samantha Bohrman’s first book, Ruby’s Misadventures with Reality, came out with Entangled Publishing in 2014, and two more titles will be released in the next year. Cristina Pippa is a published playwright and filmmaker, and she received an Artist’s Initiative grant for her novel.